Terrible beginnings

So… Hello!


I was supposed to create the first post on my brand new (terribly hot!) blog.

Yes, I don’t like to be told to do things, but I suppose I can do this one – wordpress, you owe me big!

Let’s go then. Basics.

You have to know something. I read stuff. Books for example (yea, people do that). And I really enjoy criticising. And I watch TV shows.

Game of Thrones is over for the time being, and I am suffering! My heart cries when I cannot see Joffrey Baratheon cry. My whole body aches at that feeling of terrible loss! They really shouldn’t give me so much time to think between seasons. I hated reading A Dance with Dragons, so the fact that they can make that particular TV show much much better (HBO, you can do that!), makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

While waiting for the next season of GOT I just try to comfort myself with Vikings (Ragnar Lothbrok is hooooot). I highly recommend the series to anybody with a hint of interest in the topic, because – guys… – things happen there!